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Experience Requirements

Campaign Title 欧洲认证-无酒精柠檬草消毒洗手液 non-alcohol sanitizer
Campaign Location Kuala Lumpur
No. of KOL Needed 20
Age Range 15-35
Language English,Chinese,Malay,Mandarin,Cantonese
Sample Quantity 1
Campaign Type Social Media Posting,
Experience Sample Will Be Given
Posting Platform Instagram TikTok Blog Youtube
Registration End Date 09 Mar 2021
Campaign Date 14 Mar 2021
Payment Per KOL 50

Campaign Description

Hi, we are a new develop brand FuseFill. FuseFill is a non-alcohol sanitizer with CE certified, indulge by lemongrass essential oil. Natural ingredient, suitable for babies and sensitive skin. We are looking for 20 KOL to share and post our product to createss the awareness of organic and natural. Posting Period - March 1 - 5. You may post at Instagram , Facebook, or Blog, even Tiktok. Free sample will be given out, payment from RM 50 - 100.

Fusefill 是马来西亚原创品牌,无酒精免洗消毒液,并且得到欧洲认证。他是利用天然柠檬茶精油做成的,淡淡的香味。适合宝宝和敏感肌肤使用。我们在招募20名 KOL 一起share and post 我们的产品。对我们产品有兴趣的都可以联系我们哦!posting period 在 3 月 1-5 号里面。可以在instagram, facebook, 或者 blog, 我们会寄产品给你们,每个人share 的payment 从RM 50 - 100.