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Experience Requirements

Campaign Title Blood Cancer Awareness Live Chat with a Dr
Campaign Location Virtual - Instagram or Facebook
No. of KOL Needed 1
Age Range Any
Language English,Malay
Sample Quantity No samples are involved
Campaign Type Live Streaming,
Experience Anywhere
Posting Platform Facebook Instagram
Registration End Date 24 Aug 2021
Campaign Date 24 Sep 2021
Payment Per KOL 2000.00

Campaign Description




In conjunction with blood cancer month (Sept) to raise public awareness regarding lymphoma in collaboration with a Doctor via social media platform


Live event end Sept

30mins live stream 

Overview of project

Live-chat with a Dr (Insta or Facebook live)

We have the questions prepared.

Influencer to propose "How" to conduct the event in a creative manner to achieve the objective and "How" to maximise number of attendance through interactive activities with the Dr and the audience.

Scope of KOI

Before: Organise rehearsal, teaser before event and event publicity to maximise traffic

During: Conduct the 30min live session, manage chat and questions by audience to Dr
After: Post-event meeting with event organiser

Our criteria to select influencer

1) Any relevant experience 

2) Creativity to engage with Dr and audience

3) Outreach to followers