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Campaign Title iSONIC
Campaign Location KL
No. of KOL Needed 1
Age Range 21-45
Language Chinese
Sample Quantity 1
Campaign Type Live Streaming,
Experience Sample Will Be Given
Posting Platform Facebook
Registration End Date 06 Aug 2020
Campaign Date 14 Aug 2020
Payment Per KOL 100

Campaign Description

Brand: iSONIC

A powerful vacuum cleaner specifically designed to improve your health and your living environment

UV Sterilization Light:UV light can kill dust mites, germs from your mattress, bed, and sofa

5000 Beats Per Minute:The vibrating pad beats the area of the mattress at 5000 beats per minute before suction to ensure that the mites and any other particles are released from the fabrics

Micro Filter:The HEPA FILTER ensures that EVEN the smallest particles are trapped in the filter and not released into the air again

  • Fine Steel Strainer
  • 253.7mm Wavelength Sterilization of mites
  • Infrared dust sensing and detection system
  • Widen the six air ducts
*1hour live